Tech Tips That Make Home Life Organization Easier

Kids tend to make life a wee bit chaotic. This is part of the fun of having them, however if you feel like your life is increasingly out of control, take advantage of technological innovations to get a handle the chaos. Use the following ideas to enjoy a more organized home life:

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Make Checklists–With The Help Of Apps

Create morning and nightly routine checklists that include things such as brushing teeth, making beds, ensuring everything is in backpacks, planning clothing for the next day, etc. Enter the lists into apps such as Habit List. Cross off items as you go and keep in mind the app auto-refreshes itself for daily use.

Color-Code The Family Calendar

Use Google Calendar to create a color-coded schedule for the entire family. Allow each family member to pick a color and use that color outside of the calendar as well. For example, if your daughter picked blue, give her blue towels to use, or purchase blue school supplies. This makes keeping track of who needs to put their things away much easier! Automate the calendar and share a copy with your partner.

Devise A Points System

Experiment with apps such as Choremonster and My Job Chart to create chore lists and assign points when tasks are completed. Once the children acquire enough points, they can redeem them for prizes, such as a trip to the local ice cream parlour or items on Amazon that you authorize.

Lock Devices Remotely

Take advantage of apps such as DinnerTime to lock your kids’ devices remotely. Set specific times where the app auto-disables the kids’ devices, such as during dinner, homework time, bedtime, etc. Your children should not be looking at their phones when they are spending time with you!

Work With Other Parents

Help other parents and let them help you with apps such as ContactBox. The app lets you create and share contact lists featuring important numbers, such as teachers and local, reliable babysitters. The app is easy to update, allowing everyone in the loop to stay in said loop.

Use these and other tech innovations to streamline your parenting efforts! Good luck!