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Help kids fall asleep and stay asleep with Sun to Moon Sleep Clock.

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Parents looking for a way to get their children to stay in bed may want to consider Sun to Moon Sleep Clock. This simple app acts as a sleep timer and alarm clock for children. Parents simply set the wake time and the sleep time. Then they start the clock when it’s time for their children to go to bed. With its sound effects and other incentives, the app offers a unique way to help kids sleep.

Features include:

  • Sleep timer
  • Nighttime sounds
  • Wake up sounds
  • Points and rewards for sleeping


The app is fairly simple in design with the majority of the screen being taken up by a cartoonish moon or a cartoonish sun (depending on the time of day). At the top of the screen, parents will find a clock and an icon representing points earned. At the bottom of the screen is the wake up time and a button that says “Goodnight” (before bedtime). A small settings button also appears at the top of the screen. In the settings area, parents can set the sunrise and sunset times, as well as sleep sounds and sunrise sounds. Parents can also add additional elements to the sleep settings, such as 15 minutes of reading time.


This app is not being rated for education.


While this app is designed to get kids to sleep, it’s still entertaining. Kids can fall asleep to multiple sounds: a soothing harp, a blow dryer, waves crashing, whale songs, rain falling, tic toc clock, and music box. Many of the sleep sounds are harsh, but may provide the perfect white noise to get kids to fall asleep. Kids can also wake up to different sounds: digital beeps, birds tweeting, a rooster crowing, wake-up music, bongos, cats meowing, charge fanfare, and trumpet. Special holiday sounds are also occasionally found in the app’s updates. In addition to the fun sounds, kids can visit the Sleep Clock Shop and spend their points on fun add-ons, such as hats, seating, outfits, and accessories for the sun and moon. For example, kids can turn the moon into a banana or give the sun an eyepatch.


This app is much less expensive than many of the trendy sleep clocks designed for kids. If kids have their own tablets or phones, it could be a reasonable option for helping them learn to sleep through the night.

Child Friendliness

All of the content within the app is child-friendly. Parents should be sure to turn on and set the pin for the app so that kids cannot get into the settings section. Otherwise, kids will be able to reset the awake and sleep times to whenever they want, which could lead to an unexpected wake up call at 3 a.m.

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Help kids fall asleep and stay asleep with Sun to Moon Sleep Clock.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars