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Stack the States 2 App Review

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Stack the States 2 is a follow-up to the popular Stack the States app.  With Stack the States 2, kids can enjoy more US geography with all new question formats, bonus games and a detailed interactive map!  I thought that this app would be a great way to get kids interested in learning about US geography.

This app not only teaches children where states are on a map, it also focuses on state capitals, cities, shapes, landmarks, flags and more.  Basically, it is a play-through game and kids will earn a new state for every successfully completed level.  Kids will actually move and drop animated states on the screen, stacking the states to reach a checkered line to win each level.  All the earned states will appear on your child’s personalized map of the United States.  Kids can also unlock the free bonus games as they complete more levels – there are a few bonus games: Map It, Connect 2 and Capital Tap.

I love how this game really caters to younger children, in that it features a new voice mode that helps non-readers play independently – now kids can begin learning geography at an even younger age.  The app also features a new interactive map that features major cities and a 3D elevation view of each state, very cool.  There are 10 different 3D scenes that depict various locations in the US, as well as 3D models of over 90 US landmarks.  Of course, the app also contains the same features that we loved from the original version, including 50 flash cards (one for each state), hundreds of unique questions and up to six player profiles – great for large families.

I really enjoyed the Stack the States 2 app.  I plan on checking it out with my son more and getting him interested in geography.  I think that this app would be great for elementary age kids!

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