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Review Summary:

Discover why all of the pumpkins are different colors in Spooky Hollow, a cute animated story for Halloween.

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Spooky Hollow<?em> is a cute story about a skeleton who grows pumpkins that end of being all different colors instead of orange. As kids read through the interactive story, they’ll be anxious to find out what the skeleton will do with all of those colorful pumpkins. The ending of the story may surprise them.

Features include:

  • Halloween-themed story
  • Animated illustrations
  • Narrated text
  • Auto-read option


When kids open the app, they’re shown a bookshelf which features the cover of the story and an icon labeled “Games.” A small information icon allows kids to turn on/off Auto Read Mode and enable/disable Graphics Lite Mode, a nice feature that reduces the amount of heavy animations to prevent the app from crashing, particularly on older devices. The narration in the story is clear and everything runs smoothly. It’s easy for kids to navigate through the story and tap on the illustrations to enjoy the animation.


The theme-based story is narrated and easy for kids to follow along with. The story itself incorporates a nice problem/solution format that will engage kids and help build their reading comprehension skills. It works as a Halloween-themed story or a fun story to use while teaching suspense during the school year.


The story features very likable characters, an engaging storyline, and colorful and interactive illustrations for kids. Kids will enjoy reading through the story and tapping on the illustrations to see what happens. They’ll also enjoy the suspense that comes from wondering what the skeleton will do will all of the colored pumpkins. Will he be able to make them orange again or will he find the perfect use for them? The only downside to the app is that the games are included in a separate app.


The app is free to download and allows kids to read the first few pages for free. After that, they’re prompted to purchase the full story to continue. The story is priced comparably to other interactive narrated books for kids. However, unlike similar apps, no games are included with the story. Instead, they must be purchased and downloaded separately.

Child Friendliness

Once kids read the first few pages of the story, they’re given the option to purchase the full story to find out what happens. On the main screen, kids are also shown an icon for games which (beyond the parental block) takes them to the App Store to purchase a pumpkin flinging game.

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  • YES more apps (protected, but visible)

Discover why all of the pumpkins are different colors in Spooky Hollow, a cute animated story for Halloween.

$ $0.99
Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars