Spooky Hollow – Interactive Children’s Book Review



Nothing says Halloween than 3 spooky skeletons in a pumpkin patch! Spooky Hollow is a delightful, interactive eBook that tells the tale of three pumpkin-growing skeleton friends. With fun interactive elements on every page, this book is sure to delight your child and bring a festive Halloween spirit into your home.

In Spooky Hollow live three skeleton friends who want to grow their own pumpkins for the festival. They work together to prepare the ground, plant the seeds, and water and care for the tender plants. After months of waiting, the pumpkins finally appear. However, one skeleton’s pumpkins are not the typical bright orange color, but vibrant rainbow colors of pink, purple and blue! That poor skeleton is absolutely horrified that his pumpkins are different than the others and he does everything he can think of to make them look the same as his friend’s pumpkins. When nothing works, he is saddened until some other creatures begin to request his colored pumpkins for their decorations. The skeleton begins to see that sometimes it is okay to be different and diversity brings welcome variety that others love.


Spooky Hollow tells a beautiful tale of friendship, hard work and diversity. This story is a great way to teach these values to children as they listen to the story of the three skeleton friends. The interactive illustrations on each page are fun and engaging and children will long to turn the page to see what surprises the next page has in store! This is a wonderful story for Halloween time but the story could be told year round as well. It would be a perfect Halloween surprise for your children and a fun addition to your eBook library.