Smart Color Path

Child Friendly
Smart Color Path is a fun and unique puzzle app that offers hours of challenging play for players of all ages. Simple, fun, and challenging!

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Price: $1.99
AppStore User Rating: 5
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Smart Color Path is a unique and challenging puzzle app that uses a variety of colored circles and patterns that users must correctly place based on the rules provided. This brain-teaser looks simple, but looks can be deceiving. While it does have a bit of a minimalist look, it can create quite the challenge for even the most seasoned puzzle fanatic.

Features include:

  • Unique concept
  • 3 Difficulty levels
  • Challenging puzzle


Smart Color Path is an interesting, albeit minimalist puzzle app that uses colored circles and connections to create a challenging experience for users. Technically, the user interface is easy to use with simple drag and drop functioning, however actually playing the game could be a bit challenging at first. The concept is simple, but it takes a bit of experimenting to really get the hang of how to play.


Not rated for education.


For even the most seasoned puzzle lover, this app can be a bit of a challenge. The concept is fairly simple as users must create the correct color path using colored circles. For each puzzle there are rules for various color connections that help players as they play. It sounds simple, but with three difficulty levels it can be quite difficult to do. For children or parents who love a good puzzle, this app has a lot to offer.


Priced at just under two dollars, this app is a great value. For users who love a good puzzle, this app could get quite addicting which offers lots of playing time at a great price.

Child Friendliness

Smart Color Path may not be the easiest app for younger users, but children aged 10+ could easily enjoy the challenges this app has to offer. The developers have not only included an instruction section within the app, but also a hint option that users can use points in order to access. This function will certainly help players of all ages should they get stuck. Parents can also rest assured knowing that this app is perfectly safe for children of all ages to play.

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  • NO in-app purchases
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads

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