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Travel around the world and improve your knowledge of world geography all from the comfort of your own home with Seterra Geography.

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How well do you know your world maps and flags? Find out your geography IQ when you play Seterra Geography. The app, which is available in five different languages, allows you to select different continents and countries to focus on as you put your geography knowledge to the test. Don’t know a lot about geography? The app also include a learn mode to help you build up your knowledge before you jump into a game. So what are you waiting for? Start testing and building your geography knowledge today!

Features include:

  • Identify countries
  • Locate states and territories
  • Discover natural landmarks
  • Play in five different languages
  • Track your progress


Seterra Geography is a very simple app. On the main screen, users see icons to take them to maps or flags. After choosing what to focus on, they’re shown a list of continents. Choosing a continent brings up a more specific list of continents. For example, selecting North American maps will bring up a list of North American Countries, North American Lakes, U.S. State Capitols, and a large selection of other continent-specific maps. Once users select an area to focus on they’re given the option to learn or play. Both modes consist of simply backgrounds with dots or flags that users can tap to identify them. The app tracks users’ high scores and the progress they have made in each continent.


There are two main parts to the app: learn and play. Whether identifying countries, capitals, or flags, users can choose to interact with the app in learn or play mode. Both modes are very similar. In learn mode, users see a map with dots on it or a screen full of flags. Tapping on a dot or a flag reveals the name of the state, country, or capital associated with it. In play mode, users see the same screen and are told to find a particular location or flag. If they incorrectly identify the location or flag, they’re shown the name of the one they identified. For example, if you must identify Columbia, South Carolina, but tap on Raleigh, North Carolina, then Raleigh will appear next to the dot. At the end of each quiz, users are shown their score for the round. While the quizzes aren’t particularly innovative or entertaining, they offer a solid way to build basic geography knowledge.


One of the few downsides to Seterra Geography is that it’s not very entertaining for those who may not enjoy putting their geography knowledge to the test. Most quizzes feature a green map with little white dots and users must tap on the correct dot. In the flags section, users simply see a list of flags and must tap on the correct one. None of this is terribly exciting, but it is a good way to build recognition. The app does build in a bit of intrinsic motivation by tracking progress and allowing users to enter their names to appear on the high score charts.


This app is full of geography quizzes that cover both U.S. and world geography. It also offers quizzes to test users’ knowledge of world flags. Because of the amount of content and the ability to track progress over time, this app offers much more than a one-time use and is worth a download.

Child Friendliness

In the settings area, users can turn the sound effects on and off and change the language. The settings area also contains links to share the app and send feedback. Neither is protected by a parental lock. After completing a quiz, users also have the option to share their score and this feature is also not protected by a parental lock.

  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
  • YES Send Feedback (not protected)
  • YES Share App (not protected)

Travel around the world and improve your knowledge of world geography all from the comfort of your own home with Seterra Geography.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars