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What is the capital of Dubai? What about its flag? If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the world around you or simply need a fun way for your kids to study geography then, Seterra Geography is the app for you! This amazing app will teach you everything you need to know and spark a little competitive spirit inside of you!

This app is easy to use, but don’t let that fool you! To start play, simply select the area of the world you want to study! Each area has two modes of play: Learn or Quiz. If you just want a way to become more familiar with the area and learn where things are located, then the Learn Mode is a great place to start. A city, country, or landmark will appear on the screen and your job is to tap on the map where it is located. Once you think you have mastered the region, test your knowledge by quizzing yourself in Quiz Mode. At the end of the quiz you will be given a score telling you the percentage of questions correct and the time it took you to finish. The next step is to try and beat your score and keep working until you get a new PR!

At first glance, Seterra Geography may seem like a simple geography app but it is so much more. It is packed with geography-learning potential and hours of fun. I was surprised by how addicted it became for me. I also am excited to keep this app for my daughter who will be entering 5th grade next year and needs a fun way to learn the 50 states and capitals! So, if you are up for an extra challenge or a fun way to stimulate those brain cells then pickup Seterra for your family today!

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