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My Town: Grandparents App Review

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My Town: Grandparents is a great new addition to the My Town app series.  With My Town: Grandparents, kids can visit a digital dollhouse that looks just like a grandparents house!  I thought that this app would be a fun interactive experience for kids, and great for social skills and learning about visiting other people’s homes.

The My Town series focuses on providing digital interactive experiences that are similar to real-life situations.  In this particular app, kids can explore the grandparents home, interact with different characters and play with lots of different objects.

There are 9 locations in the house, including grandpa’s woodworking area, a garden to work in with grandma, and dad’s old room where he grew up.  In the garden there are over 20 flowers, vegetables and bushes to plant and water with grandma – and you can help her cook, too!  I also love that you can check out all the cool things that grandpa and grandma got on their last trip to Africa!

If you are looking for a fun new interactive game for your child, be sure to check out My Town: Grandparents.  And if you enjoy this app, go and check out all the other apps in the My Town series!  I will be playing this app with my son for sure!

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