Real Potty Training Tips You Can Use

It’s very possible to make potty training a streamlined process so long as you’re patient and use the right tips. Get through this essential training period using the following advice and give yourself a lil pat on the back when it’s over:

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Early Is Best

Place the training potty in your bathroom long before your child undergoes training to help the youngling become familiar with it. This is a way to sidestep feelings of terror and discomfort, and prepares for the First Day of Potty Training.

“Really Ready”

Whatever else, ensure your child is really and truly ready for potty training. Forcing the issue helps neither you nor your little ‘un, and just means lots of frustration. Wait until the opportune moment, whenever that is, and go from there.

Scheduling Is Key

Make a potty training schedule and stick to it. Plan to place your child on the toilet about every 20 minutes or so in the first weeks of taking the diaper off, as it’s your job to interrupt playtime for potty time. Kids have to learn to listen to their bodies since they often get distracted by play and end up soiling themselves. Use training charts to further assist your efforts, such as a sticker chart. Most children on the planet love stickers, and your child will be proud to receive stickers on his or her chart for doing a potty-tastic job.


Stock up on potty training supplies, including cleaning products in the event of accidents…which will happen. Flushable cleansing wipes are increasingly popular these days as they do a much better job than toilet paper. Some pop up with the push of a button, something that’s convenient for little kids and also entertaining.

Reward System

Create a reward system for using the potty correctly and at the right time. Classic potty training rewards include stickers and M&Ms, but feel free to use whatever you think will inspire your child the most. Besides, M&Ms and other sweet treats only contribute to plaque buildup in little teeth! Reward ideas include extra playtime, small toys from the local dollar store, having friends over, etc. You may have to experiment to see which rewards are best for your child. Regardless, implementing a rewards system is a great way to expedite the potty training process.
As we mentioned earlier, accidents are going to happen. It’s part of training, and it’s fine. Don’t get angry when they happen, simply stress the importance of using the porcelain throne.