Potty Training: A Few Success Secrets

Potty training doesn’t have to be a super-challenging process. As long as your child is ready for such training, you’ll be in excellent shape. Trying to train a child to use the bathroom before the time is right is the usual reason for porcelain throne failure.

Review the following potty training success secrets and make training easier on both your child and yourself:

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Use The Actual Toilet

Forget toilets that light up or worse–sing. You don’t want your child to associate potty time with playtime, so stick with what you’ve got. Use a step stool if necessary.

Be A Good Example

Go to the bathroom in front of female children, and have your husband do the same in front of male children. This doesn’t have to become a regular practice, but it does show children what to do in the bathroom. Mimicking those around them is one of the main way children learn, so go through the process and be sure to wash your hands to teach younglings what the b-room is all about.

Try Incentives

Offer potty training incentives. You may feel like you’re bribing your child, but stickers and candies such as M&Ms are longtime potty training staples. Don’t feel you have to use such items, rather try different approaches to determine what’s best for your child. For example, if your little girl is really into the idea of being a “big kid,” let her know if she uses the potty correctly she can enjoy “big girl” activities, such as playing outside for 15 extra minutes.

A reward chart is also very helpful. Create a weekday chart and place a sticker under the day of the week every time your child uses the bathroom the right way. Provide a treat at the end of the week if they “go potty” like they’re supposed to every day, such as a trip to get ice cream.

Don’t Stress

Don’t stress if your child isn’t getting the hang of potty training as quickly as you’d like. The child will feel this stress and anxiety. Instead of upsetting your child and yourself, know potty training will happen eventually, even if there’s more than a few accidents to clean up. Don’t scold your child, simply remind him or her about the importance of using the bathroom. The idea will sink in.
Try these and similar tips and survive the potty training process!