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Fight crime in the city and find lost objects with your favorite PJ Masks heroes in PJ Masks: Super City Run.

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Price: $2.99
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“”Night in the city, and a brave band of heroes is ready to face fiendish villains to stop them messing with your day!” In PJ Masks: Super City Run kids get to play as their favorite PJ Masks characters and race around the city. This simple running game challenges kids to collect a series of lost objects while also chasing their most-detested villains around town. However, they must be careful because there are a lot of obstacles to get in their way!

Features include:

  • Play at Catboy, Gekko, or Owlette
  • Chase Romeo, Luna Girl, and Night Ninja
  • Find hidden objects
  • Avoid obstacles


When kids first open the app, it’s nighttime in the city and their favorite PJ Masks heroes are ready to go on an adventure and defeat villains. The app is laid out fairly simply. Once kids hit the play button, they can choose between three different characters. They can also view a list of the objects that they can find while playing the game. As the objects are found, they appear in full color in the list. At the beginning of each game, kids are taken through a brief tutorial that shows them how to move. After that, they use their fingers to make their way along the path. Tapping the right way to avoid obstacles isn’t always easy, but kids will get better at it the more they play the app.


This app is not being rated for education.


As kids make their way through the app, they’ll get the chance to interact with all of their favorite PJ Masks characters. Kids choose one character to start the game, but special barriers in the game occasionally prompt them to switch to another character. Whatever character they play as, their goal is the same: to avoid the obstacles and collect the fun objects they find. These include objects in the hidden objects list and other bonus features, such as golden masks. Along the way, villains such as Romeo, Night Ninja, and Luna Girl will also pop up for kids to chase. At the end of each round, kids are given a score and shown how many steps they took. Their ultimate goal is to beat their high score each time.


The app is priced comparably to other apps featuring popular characters from Disney Junior. Parents will find that there are not a lot of activities to complete within the app, but kids who love PJ Masks and/or love simple racing games will enjoy this one, especially when it comes to chasing the villains out of town.

Child Friendliness

The app is free from ads and other content designed to take children away from the game. There are not any settings areas either. All of the content found within in the app is kid-friendly and perfect for kids who are PJ Masks fans.

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Fight crime in the city and find lost objects with your favorite PJ Masks heroes in PJ Masks: Super City Run.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars