Patrick’s Dinosaur: Aliens & Diggers Review


Patrick’s Dinosaur: Aliens & Diggers is a fun new app for younger kids.  With Patrick’s Dinosaur, kids can enjoy a dinosaur-themed game and use their creativity and imagination, too!  I thought that this app was really fun and love that it was created by a family for their son.With Patrick’s Dinosaur, kids can learn about the effects of gravity as they defend earth from alien invasion.  Kids will throw asteroids at alien spaceships to defend earth, throw pebbles into treetops until they tip over, and even use construction equipment to launch things, too.  The app was designed by taking a 5 year old boy’s concept and bringing it to life – with his mom and dad’s help!  I love the creativity and imagination!  As kids play, they can create their own stories in a “create your own” animated sticker scene


I really enjoyed the Patrick’s Dinosaur app.  I think that this app would be great for kids who love dinosaurs, and those who love to show their imagination and creativity.  I plan on sharing this app with my 6 year old son for sure!