Password Manager Apps

In today’s world it seems like you need a password for almost everything. It’s a challenge to come up with many different passwords that have excellent strength, and a bigger challenge to actually remember them. Especially when many of them expire every few months, leaving you to constantly change them. Between memorizing passwords and PIN numbers, our brains are on overdrive.

One excellent solution to reducing the amount of these secret words and codes we need to know, is to use a password manager app. I recently installed one on my phone and iPad, and it has made life much, much simpler. Instead of remembering numerous passwords, I really only have to remember one: my master password into my manager app.

I spent some time researching different apps and these three below were my top choices.



Dashlane is a free app that saves passwords for you, automatically fills in forms, and can even create strong passwords for you. You will only need to remember the one password to open your Dashlane encrypted vault. This easy to navigate app safely and securely stores your passwords, personal information, and credit cards.

Dashlane is free, but you can pay for additional features such as the ability to sync across all of your devices instantly. This premium version also securely backs up all of your passwords, and gives you priority user support.



LastPass is a password manager app very similar to Dashlane. It also secures your passwords and will autofill forms. In addition to those features, LastPass will keep information, such as credit cards and health insurance, protected in the Private Notes section. One password is all you need to manage everything. You can either sign in traditionally, or scan your fingerprint to access your account.

Like Dashline, LastPass offers a premium version to access even more features.



Keeper is the most downloaded password manager. You can store and organize an unlimited amount of passwords with one single password or scan of your fingerprint. You can also share your records with other Keeper users if you wish. You are able to sync between your devices and computers, and it will automatically log you out after a certain amount of time to prevent theft. You can customize your template and add your own background theme.

Keeper offers free storage on any of your devices. Additionally, unlimited Sync and Backup is free during a trial period, but does require a subscription thereafter.