What To Do With Your Old iPhone: 5 Ideas

There sits your old iPhone, a sad version of its former self. What will you do with it? Before shoving it in a drawer to languish, consider the following ideas. Numerous possibilities exist!

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Security Device

Transform your old iPhone into a nighttime security guard. Apps are available that turn your device into a security camera so you can remotely monitor whatever you decide to point the phone at. Best of all, such apps are free!


Take advantage of your phone’s camera function and jazz it up with some super-cool, super-snazzy accessories. Browse for add-ons such as the portable LED flash Nova or the 4-in-1 lens kit Olloclip. Yes, your old iPhone will never be a SLR camera, but you can still have plenty of fun taking cool photos.

Alarm Clock

Turn your old iPhone into an alarm clock. Try outfitting the device with a retro, TV-looking dock created by designer James Aloysius, or syncing it to the Cloud to update it as needed. You can even use the dock as a mini TV stand for watching Netflix.

VR Device

Speaking of watching television, consider using your old iPhone as a virtual reality device. Work with the Sanwa 3D Viewer to play 3D content from YouTube…you will have to hold it up to your face to use it, but oh well.

Light Meter

Repurpose the phone to never again deal with under or overexposed photos. Use the Luxi add-on, which fits over the front face camera of the iPhone 4 or 5 to provide you with accurate readings of your environment. Luxi comes with an app to ensure readings are always crazy-accurate. Nice, right?

There you have it: five excellent ways to reuse your old iPhone. Which is most appealing to you?