New & Noteworthy – January 5, 2016: All About Creativity

Welcome to another New & Noteworthy, where we bring you all the cool new apps available for your kids. This week week we’ve found some great new apps that will quench your child’s desire to create their own rules and worlds. Toca Blocks is a great app for discovering and building new worlds, according to your child’s imagination. Coda Game takes it to the next level by letting your child be the game designer. They will be kept busy for hours using their creativity and imagination with these apps to create, explore, and discover.

Toca Blocks

Toca Blocks is a unique world-building game that allows your child to use their imagination to create new worlds. The blocks allow your child to create anything they want as they build with them and put them together. They get to explore their world and have adventures with heroes to discover their superpowers. The blocks themselves have different properties such as being bouncy or having patterns that your children will have fun merging with other blocks to make new things. This app has no in-app purchases and no third-party advertising.

Coda Game

Create and learn to code at the same time with this app. Coda Game allows your child to learn computational thinking, problem solving, creativity, and logic. This is a great foundation for a future in computer science or engineering. Your child will also have the ability to play games their friends make and get new ideas for their own games. With no prior coding knowledge, your child will have fun creating their own game with their own rules. Visual code blocks will allow your child to understand commands and game mechanics to fit everything together. There is both a paid version and free version that will allow your child hours of fun learning to be a game designer.