New & Noteworthy – January 19, 2016: Letters, Candy, and Dinosaur Eggs

Welcome to another New & Noteworthy, where we bring you all the cool new apps available for your kids. This week we’ve found some great new apps that will give your child lots of pre-reading practice along with some fun apps that will give your child the opportunity to create and explore.

Easy Music- Give Kids an Ear for Music

Ignite a love for music in your child with this app. Your child will get a great introduction to music by learning about rhythm, pitch, notes, and melody. This app follows the premise that children learn how to read by first learning how to speak, in that they must first be able to hear before they are able to play. With 4 unique worlds and 2 learning paths, your child will have a great time has they are introduced to music creation. They will also have the ability to compose their own music as well as play well-loved songs on the rainbow piano.


Read with Doc McStuffins: Letters, Sounds, & Words Pack

This bundle includes both Read with Doc McStuffins: Letters and Sounds and Read with Doc McStuffins: Word Building.  In the first app your child will be kept busy as they start learning pre-reading skills. They will be able to match letters and names, recognize consonant and vowels sounds, count and blend syllables, plus much more. They will have fun learning with their favorite characters from Doc McStuffins. With hundreds of lessons your child will have a great time learning reading skills. The second app builds on the skills learned in Letters and Sounds as your child will start learning to read words. They will start with simple words and short vowels sounds, learn common sight words, transition to long vowel words and end with putting together sentences.

Dr. Panda Candy Factory

Who doesn’t love candy? Let your child go wild as they design their own candies. They can develop by themselves or play with a friend or parent. They will get to see Dr. Panda’s friends taste their creations as well. They get to experiment with colors, shapes, and taste in factories creating bubblegum, chocolate candies and gummies. Sounds like they will have a sweet time.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC: Read and Learn

As if reading Dr. Seuss’s books weren’t enough fun already, you will have fun with your child as you interact with his stories in this app. Your child can tap the pages of the book for fun surprises and stars on every page will reveal learning activities. The will learn to recognize upper and lowercase letters, and consonant sorting. They can read along or put it on auto play. There is a parents section that will track their progress through the app so you can see their progress.

Blaze and the Monster Machines Dinosaur Rescue

Come along with Blaze and AJ as they rescue dinosaur eggs. In this app that encourages STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts, your child will be encouraged to problem-solve.They will also be encouraged to solve physic-based problems using water, bouncy balls, and lasers. Other tools they will get to use are pulleys, wheels, cranks, mirrors and more. This game fosters a hands-on approach as they are introduced to different concepts. They will have lots of fun learning with Blaze.

The Adventures of Pan

Join Pan as she sets out to find her lost parents. Through the stories, your child will play games and interact, and go on adventures that will spark their imaginations. They will have fun on the journey as they make friends with warrior bunnies, discover ancient secrets and help Pan discover her inner courage. With read-along narration and text highlighting, plus mini activities, your child is sure to be pleased and engaged as they work their way through the stories in this app.