New & Noteworthy – February 16, 2016

Welcome to another New & Noteworthy, where we bring you all the cool new apps available for your kids. This week we’ve found some great new apps that will quench your child’s desire to destroy their creations, and interact with some of their favorite characters. They will also get the chance to drive some of their favorite machines.

Daniel Tiger’s Stop and Go Potty

Is your toddler having trouble with potty training? Do they understand they need to go but continue to play instead? Daniel Tiger’s Stop and Go Potty app may be a solution to your problem. Your child will help Daniel go to the bathroom when he starts to wiggle while playing. This will reinforce the concept of stopping what you are doing to go use the bathroom. They will learn all about cleanliness and proper bathroom habits.

Tayasui Blocks

Tayasui Blocks allows your child to build their own models using blocks. They can let their creativity go wild as the chose how the character will look, decide on a color scheme, and orient them in the world. What do kids love to do once they have built something? Destroy it! They can are given a number of different ways to destroy their characters with guns, TNT, bombs, ray guns, and more. They can also share their creations with the community and see what others are building as well.

Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers

This is a great app for your toddler. They will have hours of fun driving machines and building on their construction site. This app offers 6 different machines they can use, piles of dirt to move around, and different houses they can build. Whether they want to construct a regular house, a barn or even a castle, they will have fun using their creativity to build all day. With no WiFi needed, this is a great app for traveling.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Shapes and Colors

Follow along with your favorite caterpillar as your child is introduced to shapes and colors. This app comes with lots of different puzzles and games to give your toddler a starting foundation with concepts such as: logic, sorting, comparing, and using fine motor skills. As they complete the different levels and puzzles, the world around them will open up with some surprises. This app is sure to delight and entertain your toddler as well as teach them at the same time.