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Help kids learn to brush their teeth with the interactive timers and how-to resources in MyTeeth.

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Parents looking for a tooth brushing timer for their kids may have found the answer in MyTeeth. This interactive tooth brushing timer allows kids to choose from four different characters that show them how to brush their teeth. Included in the app is also a wealth of information for parents about brushing techniques. This app is designed to motivate kids to brush their teeth and ensure they brush them properly.

Features include:

  • Four different characters
  • Customizable settings
  • Information about toothbrushing
  • Tooth brushing timer for kids


When kids first open the app, they’re shown a basic home screen. The screen features the four main characters. A small info icon takes users to some information about the app’s developers. The How & Why button takes parents to an overview of the tooth brushing process. There’s also a share button at the bottom of the screen that is protected by a parental lock. Within the actual timer, parents have the option to create separate settings for each character. These settings allow them to select the music kids hear and choose different elements of the brushing process. Those elements include toothbrush hand, order, brushing technique, and timing for each section (side teeth, middle teeth, chewing surface).


MyTeeth is focused on helping parents and kids learn the right way to brush. In the “How & Why” section, parents will find information related to the basics of tooth brushing, different brushing techniques, and strategies to help kids brush their teeth. There are a few small typos in this section, but otherwise, the information is good. The interactive timer portion of the app is laid out in a way that is much more kid-friendly. The characters brush their teeth in the proper sequence (parents can choose a specific sequence for the character to follow) and a timer counts down the time, breaking each section up into smaller intervals to make it easier for kids to follow.


Kids can choose from four different characters to use while they brush their teeth: Lenia, Linus, Lisa, and an alien. Each character has a big smile and knows the proper brushing technique. As kids brush their teeth, they can imitate the character they chose. Kids can also listen to the in-app music or select a song that’s already on their device to make the process even more fun. Many kids will also enjoy watching the countdown timer.


If you search for a tooth brush timer app, you’ll find plenty of different options. Many are free, while others have in-app purchases. Out of all of the toothbrush timer apps, MyTeeth is priced slightly higher. However, it is one of the only apps that comes with extensive how-to documents to help parents teach their kids how to brush their teeth. While you may be able to find this information for free online, you would have to look at multiple sources. You also wouldn’t have it organized as nicely as developers have organized it within the app.

Child Friendliness

On the info screen, kids can tap on links to developers’ Twitter profiles, e-mail addresses, and external websites. However, all links and any additional content not appropriate for children are protected by parental blocks. Most of the how-to content is written more for adults. However, it is all appropriate to be viewed and read by kids. The one big negative is that in some of the how-to documents, kids may see small ads for products related to oral hygiene.

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Help kids learn to brush their teeth with the interactive timers and how-to resources in MyTeeth.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars