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Mother Gray and Little Blue is a fun new interactive story for younger kids.  With Mother Gray and Little Blue, kids can read a story about a curious little baby whale and his long migration north to the winter feeding grounds with his mother.  I thought that this story would be perfect for parents and their little ones to read together, it is a neat story and it’s educational!

Along the journey, kids will meet many other ocean inhabitants and learn with Little Blue about the world around him.  This book is aimed at children who are learning to read, and features many interactive elements that help bring the story to life.  There are beautifully illustrated pages and background music that accompanies the story.  The app features specially selected main text font which has letter forms that are appropriate for beginner readers, too!  The easy-to-use navigation includes the ability to return to the main menu at any time, as well as the ability to move forwards and backwards through the pages.

I like how the app features four modes to allow children to explore the story at their own pace: you can choose to have the story read to you by a narrator, read by yourself, choose autoplay, or “add to story” mode which is my personal favorite.  With “add to story” mode, kids can drag & drop additional items onto the page – such as a submarine or a mermaid – and create their own version of the story!

I really enjoyed the Mother Gray and Little Blue storybook app.  I would definitely recommend this app if you have a child who is beginning to read on their own.  I will be reading and playing this app with my 6 year old son for sure!

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