Mornings are a crazy time for pretty much every family in existence. Getting the kids fed, bathed, dressed, and out the door for school is often a challenging process, especially if more than two little ones are involved. Then there’s getting yourself fed, dressed, and out the door…suffice to say, it’s a lot. Rather than feeling like you’re losing your mind every morning, check out a few hacks to help you survive each sunrise:


Flash Cards

Create flash cards for your kiddies to serve as reminders about what they need to do every morning. Make them as detailed as you like, and create cards such as “Brush Teeth,” “Brush Hair,” “Make Bed,” and “Get Dressed.”

Outfits For The Week

Work with your ankle-biters every Sunday and help them pick out outfits for the week. This is not only fun for kids, but saves you and them from “What am I going to wear??” drama every morning.


Make energizing playlists for each of your children for them to listen to as they go through their morning routine. Include their favorite songs as well as classics they’re sure to love, such as “Walkin’ On Sunshine,” “Jump (For My Love)”, “Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car,” and anything else you think they’ll like.


Help children pack their backpacks each night with (almost) everything they need for the next day. This again saves lots of time in the morning, as they’ll only need to add lunchboxes to their hauls.

Quick Meals

Find healthy, quick breakfast recipes and ideas so you don’t spend half your morning making eggs. Cereal is always a great choice, as is instant oatmeal with fruit and nuts. Make your own granola mix, and have other quick options such as bananas and yogurt available.

Robe, Robe, Robe

Prevent spills and other messes from landing on your work clothes or outfit for the day by keeping your robe on until the kids leave. You’ll be thankful you did!

Lunch Prep

Do yourself another big favor by prepping lunch options the night or week before school. Cut pieces of fruit and veggies and save them in plastic bags. Store the food in your fridge and use them during the week as needed.

Put these tips into practice and make your mornings a whole lot easier! What are your favorite morning rush hacks? Share them in the comments section!