Free App Friday – May 6, 2016: Let’s Get Excited.

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week  we’ve found some great free apps that will quench your child’s desire to visit their favorite animals and they will learn foundational reading concepts so they can soon read their own adventures. Plant Lettra, First Words for Kids and Toddlers, and Little Match ups ABC will teach letter recognition, letter sounds, and phonics on how to put letters together. Animal Sounds and Pictures will take them to the jungle as they learn to recognize animals by their sounds. Little Finder is a fun game for the whole family to challenge each other.

Planet Lettra

Planet Lettra is a playground for word-building. Users are magically transported to the mythical Planet Lettra where letters float in bubbles in the sky. When the bubbles bump, the letters combine, and sooner or later, make words. The beings on the planet eat letter groups of various types. Together, the activities set the stage for productive letter play for prereaders, emergent readers, and experienced readers alike. Planet Lettra recently released the Australia update. See our full review here.


Animal Sounds and Pictures

Animal Sounds and Pictures allows your child to immerse themselves in the jungle to learn the sounds of different animals as well as see their picture. Children will learn the animals by sight, sound, and name. Real-life sounds will leave you wondering if you really are in the jungle. They will hear and see their  favorites such as lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my!

First Words for Kids and Toddlers

Introduce your kids to spelling and phonics with this app. They will learn letter recognition, sounds, and how to spell. Two different levels will allow them to be challenged after they have mastered the beginner material. They will learn a wide range of words from shapes, and colors to animals and things that are found around the house. This app was created to interface with children’s fingers. Delightful sounds and pictures will keep your child engaged.

Little Matchups ABC

Little Matchups ABC gives a great introduction to upper and lowercase letters. Great for children who are just recognizing letters, they will be able to match the letters and distinguish between upper and lowercase. You will be able customize the app to the level your child is at as well as record your own voice to give instructions. Audio hints are also available.

Little Finder

Little Finder is a great app that can be played by the whole family. With over 300 gorgeous photos, be the first one to find your hidden object. The app has audio that will tell nonreaders what they are looking for. This is the only app that offers two-player mode so you can race your friends to find all your objects. Each round is only a minute or two, so it is a great time filler when you have to wait.