Free App Friday – May 27, 2016: Learning Through Play

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will take your kids to the race track, feed sushi to monsters, plus practice fire safety. With summer around the corner, these apps will provide fun play while they continue learning.

Montessori Early Childhood Activities Train 2

Using the Montessori method of learning, this app features various activities that will help your child learn letters, number , shapes, colors, and sizes. Matching is used to reinforce the different skills they are learning. They will be able to recognize upper and lowercase letters, shapes, colors, numbers, and even body parts. This app is designed for preschoolers, and may require parent help the first time they attempt some activities.

3D Math Racing

Make practicing math facts painless with this fun app. In 3D Math Racing, your child will practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while they participate in racing action. Off road tracks and cool trucks will keep them practicing, if they can get the app away from you.

Sushi Monster

Feed the monster in this fun app by creating the right addition or multiplication problem. Your child will select the right numbers on the sushi to reach the target number, then they will be able to feed the monster. Watch out of distractions! With many different levels and difficulties, your child will reach fluency in their addition and multiplication facts.

Daily Amazing Science Facts

Do you have a child who loves to know everything about anything? This fun app will deliver a new fact for your child to learn every day. It will also be a great way for you to remember facts you may have forgotten. This app also allows you to search for a term and receive all the facts about it, which can come in handy when kids ask you the famous “why” questions.

Sparky’s Birthday Surprise

Join Sparky on his birthday as his friends prepare to throw him a surprise birthday party. This storybook app will teach them about fire safety with three storybook modes. There are mini games that will teach basic addition and basic shape recognition. They will have fun with a music video plus coloring pages. Delightful animations will entertain your kids for hours as they engage with this app.