Math Tales – The Jungle: Nursery rhymes and math games for kids

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Math Tales - The Jungle combines fun math games with a cute nursery rhyme. Are you ready to party with the jungle animals?

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Head into the jungle to enjoy some math tales. Math Tales: The Jungle combines catchy rhymes and early math learning activities to create a fun experience for kids. As kids read through the rhyme and complete the activities, they learn a lot and help all of the jungle animals get ready for their party. Grab your party hat! The animals are waiting!

Features include:

  • Interactive math activities
  • Six early learning skills
  • Rhyming story
  • Animated illustrations


The app is organized into nine different chapters. Each chapter starts with a few pages of rhyming text and ends with a learning activity that is focused on one of six key skills. The illustrations in the app feature cute animals that are slightly animated. The app would be improved by making them slightly more animated or by allowing kids to interact with them more as they read through the rhymed text. The rhyming text is narrated clearly, but the text features awkward line breaks. These breaks are designed to highlight the rhymes, but end up making the story more awkward and harder to understand.


Each of the chapters in the app focuses on one of six areas: spatial perception, logic, visual perception, colors, numbers, and math operations. The activities are fairly simple, but they all tie into a larger story about a jungle party. Kids will count birthday hats, find hidden decorations, and make patterned festoons. Speaking of festoons, while the rhyme is cute, many of the rhymes are forced and use awkward words. There are also a few misspelled words. For example, necklace is spelled “neckless.”


While the rhyme is a bit forced, the addition of the rhyme adds an additional entertainment factor to the app. To unlock each new chapter, kids must complete the previous chapter, so they’re motivated to successfully work their way through all of the activities so they can hear the entire story. Kids who don’t like the story can skip straight to the activities using the arrows that allow them to navigate from page to page.


This app combines six learning skills with a cute rhyme for kids. It does have a few quality issues that keep it from being a standout, but it’s still a cute option for kids.

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Math Tales - The Jungle combines fun math games with a cute nursery rhyme. Are you ready to party with the jungle animals?

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars