Long Flight With The Kids? Try These Tips

Flying with children can be challenging, but it’s hardly impossible. If you don’t want to be one of those parents everyone else is giving the evil eye to because your kid won’t calm down, keep the following tips in mind. It might be a long flight, but it doesn’t have to be a painful one. Read on:

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Stay Patient

Remain calm and patient before and during your flight. If you stay calm, the kids will too. If you freak out, they will too.

Buy New Toys

Visit your local dollar store a few days before you fly to provide your children with new-yet-inexpensive toy options. They’ll love that they’re getting new toys “just because,” and will remain enthralled with them for the majority of the flight. Think puzzles and small games, coloring books and crayons, and other activity-type toys. If you want to supply new plush toys for mid-flight cuddling, that’s fine too.

Bring Pacifiers And Hard Candy

Provide a pacifier or bottle for your baby so the child’s ears don’t hurt as you take off and land. A baby experiencing ear pain is going to cry and cry a lot, so avoid this issue with something to suck on. Provide hard candy and gum for older children.

Pack Favorite Things

Pack favorite blankets and perhaps a few beloved stuffed toys to supply your children with something familiar. This is especially important if they’ve never flown before.

Don’t Forget Extra Clothes

Bring extra sets of clothes in case of accidents, as well as ziplock bags for messy diapers.

Make Healthy Snacks

Throw some homemade trail mix together, as well as other healthy snacks such as fruit and cheese. Airport food is notoriously unhealthy, and your kids are going to get hungry during a long flight. Solve this problem with healthy options they like–it also gives them something to do!