Let Go Of These Bad Parenting Habits

Are you guilty of bad parenting habits? No parent is perfect, and everyone makes a mistake every now and then. However, making bad parenting a habit…well, it’s not going to do you or your kids any favors. Review the following bad parenting habits to let go of right meow, er, now:

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Tech Addictions

Do you have trouble putting your smartphone or tablet down? Don’t expect your tweens and teens to not check their devices every five minutes if you are always on yours. Take a good, long look at your tech habits and make changes where necessary. You don’t want to teach your children that they can’t survive without their devices.

Poor “Meal” Choices

Are you substituting real meals for junk, such as donuts instead of hot cereal and fruit in the morning? It may be true that the busier you are, the worse you eat…but think about what you’re doing to your health…and what example you’re setting for your kids. Put the extra effort in and look for quick, healthy options that don’t take hours to make. You’ll have more energy and better health while teaching the kids how to eat right.


Refrain from jumping on the self-loathing train, especially in front of your kids. If you constantly talk about how bad your body looks, how awful your skin and hair is, etc., don’t be surprised if your kiddies grow up with self-esteem issues. Make body-positive remarks instead, or talk about how you’re exercising more and eating right to be your best self, inside and out.

Being “Mean”

Avoid gossiping in front of your younglings or otherwise saying less-than-complimentary things about other people in front of them. All you’re teaching them is it’s fine if not “cool” to be mean! You don’t want to end up in the principal’s office with your kid because he or she is bullying another child, so remember: if you don’t have anything nice to say, just be quiet.


Never speed or make other dangerous driving moves with your kids in the car. Not only are they your most precious cargo, you’re teaching them to drive like maniacs. Besides, getting pulled over all the time by cops isn’t exactly what you want happening in front of your children.


Don’t curse in front of your children unless you want them to go to school and tell other kids to “Get off the *&#$% swing!!”. Letting a curse word slip among your fellow adults is fine, but in front of the kids? It’s an absolute “no.”