Free App Friday – June 3, 2016: Life Skills and Summer Fun

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week  we’ve found some great free apps that will teach your child life skills, use their imagination, and study the sun. Toothsavers and PiggyBot will help your child develop habits that will help them succeed.  Doozer and Speakazoo are great apps where they can learn and use their imagination. DIY Sun Science will provide great hands-on activities your child can do this summer to keep on learning.

Toothsavers Brushing Game

Is your child insistent that they don’t need to brush their teeth? Instead of a battle every night, have them enjoy Toothsavers Brushing Game where they have two minutes to brush away the spell that has been cast by the evil sorceress. They earn new characters by brushing twice a day. This app will help children understand the importance of oral health and brushing twice a day.

Doozer Creek

Children will have fun building their own Doozer Creek in this app. Starting with a blank map, they will add characters, vehicles, buildings and more. Using a systems thinking curriculum, children will learn the links and elements of a system and determine how they work together. There are lots of options which will give them the opportunity to use their imagination.


Talk to animals, care for critters, and teach them new things with this app. SpeakaZoo includes 20 characters and 4 natural habitats for your child to engage with. Parents will need to create an account first, for safety. They will have a ton of fun engaging with the different animals and learning about them.


PiggyBot allows children to learn money management skills at a young age. They will learn how to divide their money into 3 categories, spend it, save it, and share it. They will be able to set goals for how much they want to save to buy certain items and track their purchases so they can see their progress. This app is a great way to set kids up with success with money.

DIY Sun Science

Learn about the sun anywhere you go with this app funded by NASA. DIY Sun Science shows you hands-on activities you can do at home with many items already found in your home. You can view videos of what the sun is doing right now as well as learn more about the sun and how scientists are studying it right now.