Free App Friday – June 24, 2016: Keep busy during Summer.

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will quench your child’s desire to play games on their summer break while keeping the education fires burning. Sportz Smash will be a hit with your sports lover. Toca Band will  be a great introduction to music. Nature: Bert Save the Earth will show your child who to conserve utilities, which will be great for all the time they will be spending at home. Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab offers science experiments that can be done at home. Sparky’s Brain Busters will allow the whole family to compete in trivia fun.

Sportz Smash

If you tired of match-3 games that only use candy, you’re in luck. Sportz Smash is a new twist on the classic match-3 games that everyone loves. The sports theme is sure to please, plus additional features, power-ups  and more! Your sports fan will have lots of fun with this new game.

Toca Band

If you’ve used any Toca apps before then you know how much fun your child will have with Toca Band. They will have fun with 16 different characters that each make their own unique sound. Gather them on stage to perform and experiment with putting the different sounds together. Open play gives your child room to discover and experiment without any pressure.

Nature: Bert Save the Earth

Bert Save the Earth is a great way for your child to learn to use resources wisely to help both our planet and your pocketbook. Your child will learn how to turn the water off when brushing their teeth, turn off the lights when they leave a room and how to recycle. Baby animals will help to reinforce these habits so your child can see how their actions affect the world around them.

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab

Beat the heat this summer with this great app that will get your kids excited about science. Conduct experiments in the app or even with things around the house. 3 bonus games will give your child the opportunity to learn about how bees pollinate, and about circuits.  Keep them learning all summer with this educational app.

Sparky’s Brain Busters

Challenge your friends and family in this trivia app. Sparky’s Brain Busters covers questions in math, science, social studies, fire safety and Sparky’s choice. There are a couple different ways to play including turn-based play. This app will teach important fire safety skills along with basic trivia in each subject.