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IQ Safari MATH is an outstanding app for providing finely-tuned computation practice at the elementary levels (simple addition through division with five digit numbers) in an upbeat and friendly way. Kids will love the array of awards and incentives, so they just may forget that they are learning!

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IQ Safari Math is an engaging and fast-paced review of basic math concepts from simple addition through complex division. It also covers rounding, counting and place value.

Features include:

  • Multiple user accounts
  • Customizable avatar
  • Unlockable levels
  • Admin mode to access user records
  • Six languages


IQ Safari MATH is a very high quality app that exceeds expectations on nearly every front. The app performs well for users and includes several creative practice activities. It’s a real plus to have multi-user record-keeping, making the app very useful for classroom settings. The app moves users along in a progressive fashion, as they are successful, but adults can access the admin section to unlock upper levels for students who don’t need to progress through them. The app could use a more detailed parent/teacher guide, so that users could more easily and quickly find features and learn how to use the app.


This app offers outstanding coverage of basic computation skills as well as several related concepts such as place value and rounding. It provides several different practice options as well as a testing mode for each skill, and includes a number of levels that will suit nearly any learner in elementary school. There are nine levels, beginning with simple basic addition facts and progressing through challenging long division problems involving numbers in the ten thousands. There are three modes of play: Lessons, test, and games, as well as a practice section that is individualized to the given player’s current level. Lessons offer problems in increasing order of difficulty with multiple choice options. Tests are timed and require speedy work as well as the ability to switch back and forth between problem types and formats. The games section has three different games that also adjust to the player’s level: Treasure Hunt, Bubble Pop, and Memory Cards. All involve some sort of matching problems and correct answers.


IQ Safari MATH has many features that will keep kids coming back for more practice and learning. Players get to choose their avatar, which is fun. High performance earns stars that lead to earning up to thirty different “achievements. Accuracy on problems also gives players puzzle pieces which automatically assemble into one of sixty collectable cards. These awards are all accessible by players and can be collected and monitored.


This app costs $2.99 in the App Store, and it’s an outstanding value. It includes enough range to be useful for nearly any elementary student, and could also be used for middle school students who need to review basic skills and build speed and accuracy. Combined with the kid-pleasing reward systems, it will be tough to beat this app for focused, no-frills computation practice.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly. The parents’ area is unprotected, but does not include any outside links.

  • Protected parent area
  • NO external links
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase

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