iPad Scavenger Hunt

One of the biggest complaints I hear from fellow moms and dads, is that their kids are spending too much time on their tablets or smartphones. One great way to get kids up and moving is to incorporate their devices into their activity. An awesome way to do this is to create a scavenger hunt. Kids love the thrill of looking for items, the triumph they feel when they find it, and the attention they receive when they share it. Scavenger hunts are one of my kid’s favorite activities. Even my teens love to get involved in this game.


The first thing you need to do is to pick a place to hold your scavenger hunt. You can do it right in your backyard or at the local park. You can even change it up a little and do it while camping, at the zoo, or somewhere on vacation. You have an added bonus of additional vacation photos if you choose to do it then.

Create Your Hunt

You’ll need to make a list of what items you would like your child to find. Depending on our location, some of the items I have chosen to list in past scavenger hunts have been a yellow flower, a smooth rock, a butterfly, a cat, a bird, a footprint, and a stick in the shape of the letter. The list of possibilities is endless, which makes this an activity you can do over and over again. For the younger kids who cannot read, you can either find or draw a picture of the items on the list. You may need to simplify your items, depending on the ages of the kids participating. In the past we have also split into teams, paring an older child up with a younger one.


You will want to take time in the beginning to thoroughly explain the rules. Our rules are that each child must mark off the item that they find on their list, and they have to take a picture of it with their device. You can even have the list on the same device they are photographing with so they have less to handle. Make sure you make clear any safety rules – especially when doing a scavenger hunt away from home. You should decide on a time limit that you want the hunt to last. I personally like to set a time of 20-30 minutes. It seems long enough to keep the kids moving quickly, and still keep them excited about it at the same time.

They’re off!

Send them on their way to begin the hunt! Be sure to give time updates throughout the game to keep them focused. Have a designated place to meet once the time is up.

View Their Photos

When everyone has returned, look through the photos together. The kids will love showing off their photography skills! You can reward Have a small prize or a treat at the end if you wish.

This is a great way to get kids moving while utilizing their devices they love so much. You also get the added bonus of creating wonderful memories with them!