How To Be A Fun Mom

Want to be the “fun mom” that your kids brag about to their friends? Being a fun mom doesn’t mean you have to forgo all household “regulations,” rather it’s about being yourself and making time for your kids. Let’s check out a few ways to be the one mom that rules them all:

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Remember, your kids aren’t judging you…they’re your kids. Children are judgement-free for many years, and yours simply look to you for guidance, support, and love. So relax. Smile. Be happy. Spend time with your younglings. They won’t be young for long, so now’s the time to cherish every moment.

Talk To Them

Let your children know there’s nothing they can’t talk to you about. Nothing! Make it clear they can come to you with anything that’s bothering them and receive your support and compassion. Listen to them, and keep in mind that respecting their space and privacy is still very important. They won’t come to you with anything if they think you’re snooping through their stuff or reading their journals.

Be Honest

Impress upon your children that you, an adult, still make mistakes. You are human, after all! Don’t be above admitting you were wrong or was otherwise at fault, as it will help your children relate to you on a more fundamental level. Talk to them about the experiences you’ve had and how they connect to their current situations. If you try to present yourself as the all-knowing Queen of Everything, your children aren’t going to be as willing to talk to you.

Focus On Your Talents

Focus on what makes you awesome as a mom, whether it be your ability to turn anything into a craft project, your skill with a baseball glove and ball, the fact you make the best chocolate chip cookies in existence, etc. You don’t have to be great at everything, and hopefully your partner makes up for what you lack and vice versa. Being able to balance each other is part of what makes you a great team, something your children will definitely appreciate one day.

Schedule Special Outings

Take each of your kids on a separate outing. Pick things you know they love, such as roller skating, going to a baseball game, enjoying a picnic in the park, etc. They’ll be delighted by the special one-on-one time! Even if you only take each one to breakfast at the local diner, it’s still a unique outing with Mom.