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All you aspiring architects and builders are in for a real treat with Hoopa City 2! This app is filled with creative possibilities that will delight players as young as 4 and as old as 104! Building houses, parks, roads and more will fill your life with hours of building fun. With endless possibilities, there is no doubt that your children won’t ever get bored of this game.

This game literally starts with a blank canvas. However, with just a few minutes and a few taps of your finger a thriving metropolis can appear on the screen. You start by building basic houses on city blocks but the more you build, the more points you earn and the more options you have to upgrade your city. It’s easy to add streets and parks. All you need to do is keep tapping your buildings and landscaping to upgrade to banks, libraries, schools, playgrounds, and so much more. Hoopa City 2 is like a virtual animated Lego set that will feed an imagination and provide the perfect creative outlet.

Hoopa City gets two thumbs up, five stars, and a huge gold star from our family! All six of us have had so much fun building our cities and even fighting over time to use the iPad. This app is easy enough for a preschooler to figure out but fun enough for adults to enjoy as well. The graphics are bright and beautiful and the animal characters are so cute and fun to watch wandering around the city. Hoopa City is a high-quality app that provides high-quality fun and a great way to exercise your imagination and have fun as well!

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