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Homey is a unique chore app designed to help get every member of the family on the same page when it comes to taking care of the household responsibilities. With the ability to set up your household and unique chores for each member of the family, this app offers a great alternative to the traditional app chart. It includes leader boards, pre-loaded chore tasks, and the ability to take pictures of the tasks when they are complete in order to help households keep up with the ever-growing list of chores.

Features include:

  • Pre-loaded chore lists based on room
  • Multiple profiles
  • Easy to use


While the set up is fairly simple, Homey may take some getting used to in order to effectively utilize the app. Upon set-up, users create a list of tasks or chores and profiles for everyone in the family that might be using the app. Users then assign the tasks with corresponding due dates so everyone knows when their task is due. At a glance, users are able to see what is due and when as well as what has already been completed. While there isn’t much by way of illustrations and sound effects, users are able to add their own images for chores assigned and completed.


While this isn’t a specifically educational app, it does provide an opportunity for children to take on more responsibility on the home front in a more organized and streamlined way. Parents have the ability of setting up specific profiles for family members and assigning the specific tasks to each member with a due date. There is also a fun leader board that allows parents to see who has completed the most tasks at any given time which can add a bit of a competitive edge to doing chores.

With more families and children having access to their own mobile devices, this app allows users to load the app on their device and keep track of the items on their own to-do list with a glance. As a learning tool for taking on more responsibility at home, this is a great app.


Not rated for entertainment.


Parents will be happy to know they can keep their home organized and chaos-free with Homey and it won’t cost them a single penny. This organizational chore app is completely free and a great way for families to share the responsibilities at home and for parents to teach children a bit about caring for their space.

Child Friendliness

While young users may have a bit of trouble getting the most value out of the app, it is a great tool for families with elementary aged children on up. At a glance children and parents can both see what tasks need to be done and in what time frame with relative ease. Parents can also rest assured knowing that there are no outside distractions or links to worry about. This app is perfect for families!

  • NO external links
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO social media
  • NO 3rd party ads
Child Friendly
Keep your home clean and organized with this simple to use chore app. Homey is great organizational tool for families!
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