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Homer – #1 Learn to Read Program App Review

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Just in time for back to school there is an amazing app called Homer – #1 Learn to Read Program that will have parents and children cheering! This app is the ideal way to teach your children not only how to read, but to love it as well. Filled with fun activities, songs, stories, poems, coloring pages and so much more, your child will love every second they are learning to read with Homer!

This app is a free initial download and comes with a free, no obligation 30-day trial. There are so many things included in this app that it will probably take you a full month to be able to see it all! To start out, you must set up a profile for each child that will be using this app. You can add up to four profiles at one time. Now your child can create their own little character to accompany them on their reading journey. They can choose the color, clothing and accessories and make it unique to them! Next you can choose which group of lessons your child wants to play. There are so many to choose from that I haven’t even had the time to explore all of them yet. I did play the Learn to Read, Back to School, and Discover the World activities.

The Learn to Read activities come with 22 Levels of learning fun with each level having several lessons that start very basic and work up from there. For example, Level 1 lessons begin with the Letter A. The narrator shows and says the letter and the sound it makes. Children see a child saying the letter sounds so that they can mimic them as well. They can also use the microphone on your mobile device and say the letter sound out loud. They learn the difference between upper case and lower case and how the letter can be used at the beginning or middle of the word. This level also introduces the letter T and the sight word “and”. Back to School activities come with a variety of things for your child to experience including reading, art, music and science. Discover the World has activities that teach children about the world around them such as transportation, animals, the Five Senses and much, much more!

I was so happy to have discovered this app for my 5 year old that will be starting Kindergarten in a few weeks. He has had so much fun with this app this week and I have no doubt that his time in this app has prepared him for Kindergarten and will help him feel much more confident when he starts. I am usually not a big fan of apps that require a subscription to use, but Homer is definitely one app that I think is well worth the subscription money. The content is high-quality and the teaching methods are backed up by educational research and endorsed by several education and child development experts. There is also so much included with this app that your child will never tire of playing it. There are plenty of options to keep their minds stimulated and learning. There are also printable lessons that you can use when your child’s screen time is over to reinforce what they are learning. This app also offers several options for subscriptions so that you can find one that works for your family. I would highly recommend that you get this app soon and get your child reading!

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