Home Organization 101: 5 Tasks For The Beginning Of The Month

Looking for ways to maintain a better-organized home and otherwise improve time management? Consider doing the following five things at the beginning of each month and enjoy a more organized, more productive four weeks:

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Review Your Budget

Take a half hour or so to review your budget for the month. Are there any new expenses to take care of, such as work to the car or doctor’s appointments? What about money for various outings and adventures, such as weekend trips to the beach or visits to state and national parks? See what’s within the realm of possibility for the month and plan accordingly. Keep within your budget limitations and never worry about running out of funds before the month ends.

Inspect The Car

Inspect the family vehicle at the beginning of the month to ensure everything is in working order. Check tire pressure, fluid levels, oil, and anything else necessary to proper vehicle operation. If there’s something you aren’t sure about or a light on the dashboard comes on and you don’t know what it means, stop at your local auto parts store to make inquiries or have a talented friend or family member perform a more in-depth inspection.

Clean The Fridge

Clean your refrigerator at the beginning of every month to remove anything spoiled and use expiring foods to create various dishes. For example, soups and stews provide excellent ways to clean out the fridge, as they allow for many ingredients and aren’t challenging to make. Go a step further if desired and clean out your freezer as well as all cabinets and pantries.

Look At The Kids’ Rooms

Take a quick look at your children’s rooms to determine just how messy they’ve gotten over the past month. Once you start taking inventory at the beginning of every month, you’ll likely notice the rooms are a lot cleaner, as kids will be aware your inspection is coming at the end of the previous month. It’s a great way to keep their rooms organized!

Walk Around

Simply walk around your home at the beginning of the month to look for anything that requires organizing. Is the pile of magazines in the den gathering dust? How’s the garage looking? Are there any unfinished projects, piles of clothes, stacks of documents, etc. that require organizing? Assign tasks to members of your household as needed, for example have your husband deal with the junk drawer in the kitchen or the auto parts cluttering the garage.
What other organization-related ideas are helpful at the beginning of the month?