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Look at the world around you. Can you spot the shapes in the things you see? Perhaps you can see a green triangle in a tree or a yellow circle in the sun. Highlights Shapes – Learning Puzzles for my Preschooler is the perfect way to teach your toddler and preschoolers not only the names of all the shapes, but how to recognize them in the things they see every day!

This app is perfect for young children because it is easy to play and has vibrant colors which are perfect for young minds. All you children need to do is drag the solid shapes into the matching spaces with dotted lines. The activities change slightly from scene to scene, but all of them reinforce the idea of teaching children to recognize and name basic shapes and colors. They accomplish this by saying the name and color of every shape as your child drags them to the appropriate spot, by sorting them by shape into the correct category and by building trees, buildings, animals and more from basic shapes.

Highlights Shapes has it all. It is educational, age-appropriate, engaging and will provide hours of learning fun for your family. The beauty of this app is in its simple and uncomplicated approach to teaching. Kids will love playing this app and learning about shapes and colors all around them. If you are looking for a great app to teach your kids, then download Highlights Shapes as soon as you can!

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Highlights Shapes – Learning Puzzles for My Preschooler
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