Henry The Little Fish

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  • Henry The Little Fish
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  • Last modified: July 20, 2017
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Review Summary:

Journey to the ocean to meet Henry, a little fish who wants to be everyone's friend, in the cute story Henry the Little Fish.

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Price: $2.99
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Journey to the ocean where you’ll meet Henry a curious little fish who comes from a big family. Like many kids, Henry is attracted to colorful and shiny things. He also likes to make new friends. As they read through the story, kids will have fun playing with Henry and his friends. They’ll also discover that Henry is a lot like them.

Features include:

  • Read to me and Read to Myself options
  • Interactive illustrations
  • Narrated text
  • Engaging story


This animated ebook features quality narration and illustrations. Henry is an adorable little fish and the other characters in the story are equally as cute. The app does suffer from a few quality issues. It takes a bit of time for the app itself to load and the narration does not always begin right away when kids swipe to the next page. Kids may also note a big of a lag when they tap on the treasure chest to see the animated component on each page.


As kids read through the story, they’ll learn about different fish and the ocean. They’ll also learn about making new friends. Henry’s curiosity will encourage kids to not be afraid to ask, “Who are you?” and “Would you like to be my friend?”

Through the Read to Me and Read to Myself options, kids can interact with the story on the level that is most appropriate for them. Those who opt to read the story themselves will find that it offers simple words and sentences, making it easy for first and second grade readers to experience success as they read.


Kids will enjoy reading through the story, especially if they like the ocean or a certain film series that features animated fish. The app offers a very cute story with a nice message for kids. Many kids will also enjoy the animations that accompany each page, although many of them are very simple and designed more for younger kids.


This story is priced comparably to other animated ebooks of its length. It does lag a bit and could use some more exciting animations to truly make it a value in the marketplace.

Child Friendliness

All of the content in the app is appropriate for children. The app is free from ads, in-app purchases, external links, and does not even offer a protected parent area. As a result, kids will stay focused on the story.

  • NO external links
  • NO 3rd party ads
  • NO in-app purchase
  • NO social media

Journey to the ocean to meet Henry, a little fish who wants to be everyone's friend, in the cute story Henry the Little Fish.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars