Healthy Habits To Teach Kids

Helping your children learn healthy habits is one of the most important things you can do as a parent along with teaching them to be kind, respectful, and confident. Instilling healthy habits in kids from a young age sets them up for a lifetime of radiant health, something they’ll thank you for when they’re 40 and look 32. Check out a few of the many healthy habits to teach your younglings:

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The Importance Of Exercise

Make exercise a standard in your house! Whether it’s playing kickball or throwing a ball around in the backyard, riding bikes at the local park, enjoying dance games together, swimming, or anything else that gets the heart rate up and the blood pumping, now is the time to instill the importance of being active in your kids. Get them used to moving and jumping around every day, and mention the many benefits of exercise every now and again. Exercise is a cornerstone of health, so make your family an active one.

Learn what sports and similar activities your children enjoy the most and promote them whenever possible. If your kids haven’t found sports or other physical activities they like yet, be patient and simply encourage them to keep trying. Getting kids off the couch and outside prevents a slew of problems, including sleep issues, behavioral difficulties and disorders, obesity risk, and decreased school performance.

Healthy Snacks

Avoid keeping sweet, salty, and starchy snacks in your home, as all you’re doing is injuring your kids’ health. Keep healthy snacks in the house instead, such as carrot sticks, celery sticks, and other raw veggies, fruit, and anything in the whole grain category. Limit sweets to special occasions only and sidestep raising sugar monsters!

In addition to providing healthy snacks, make sure you make “rainbow” meals. Eating foods of different colors provides a wealth of benefits, so provide kids with red, orange, green, yellow, etc. fruits and vegetables.

Proper Oral Hygiene

Make sure your kids develop proper oral health habits at an early age, as dental care is something that starts practically at birth and must be maintained throughout a lifetime. A healthy mouth indicates a healthy body, with more and more evidence linking gum disease and similar issues with heart disease. Set a good example of daily brushing and flossing, and take your kids to the dentist every six months as soon as they’re old enough.

These are just some of the many healthy habits to teach your kids! Name a few others in the comments section!