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Handwriting Heroes is an ingenious app that will revolutionize the way children are taught to write! This app integrates fun animation, songs, and learning to create one amazing app that your children are sure to love. Parents and teachers alike will also love having this app as part of their student’s educational library.

This app may initially appear to be your basic handwriting app, but it is so much more! The beauty of this app is the way the developers have divided the lowercase letters into five groups based on the way the letters are formed: the Skydivers, the Bouncers, the Cannon Pops, the Skiiers and the Surfers. To illustrate how this works, the Bouncer letters include h, m, n, b, p, and r because all of the letters are formed by coming downward and bouncing back up. By grouping letters this way, children can remember that they all have the same starting stroke and remember how to correctly form them. In addition, each letter has a story that explains why the letter is formed the way it is. So, for example, the letter “l” is included in the Skydivers group and it is formed by placing your pencil (or finger) at the top of the screen and bringing it straight down because that is the direction a skydiver falls. Children will remember and can repeat to themselves, either out loud to silently, the story to help them remember how to write the letter.

I absolutely love this app. It is by far the most creative and effective app that I have ever seen for teaching children to write. The approach and method they use to teach handwriting is innovative. In addition, the animation and music make is appealing to young children as well and they will have so much fun that they will keep asking for more! The only thing I don’t like about this app is that I didn’t discover it when I had young children who were learning to write! I would have picked up this app in a heartbeat and used it with each of my kids! I would highly recommend this app for parents, teachers, or any other caregiver. It is well worth it!

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