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Gigi Space Adventure is a new app designed to introduce young children to space exploration. With simple activities to illustrate the movements of the sun, planetary orbits and the stars, children can begin to learn about the galaxy. Add in some cute animal friends and Gigi Space Adventure will spark the interest of young explorers.

This app is definitely designed for young children as it is very simple and easy to use. To start, simply load Gigi Giraffe, Ricco Raccoon and Birdie Bob into the rocket and watch as it blasts off into space! Once you leave the earth’s atmosphere, you will see stars, comets, and maybe even some alien friends! Tap on earth to return home again. You can also make the sun and moon set to teach how the sun orbits and how the time of day changes.

The developer clearly states that this app is designed for children ages 1-5, however I would say that it is geared more toward the 1-3 year old age group. It is very simple and there isn’t much to it. The graphics are somewhat interactive, but all there really is to do in the app is fly the animals to space and back home. In my opinion older children would be very bored and would disengage very quickly. The graphics are cute and brightly colored but that’s about all I can say for this app. Gigi Space Adventure is basic and simple enough for very young children, but the price doesn’t justify the content for preschool ages or older.

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