Getting A Picky Toddler To Eat: 6 Tips

Can’t seem to get your toddler to eat dinner every night? Picky eaters are common problems for many parents, and rather than allowing pickiness to become a lifelong problem, deal with the issue now. There’s plenty of little ways to encourage your toddler to eat what’s on his or her plate without using threats.

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Review the following suggestions:

Avoid Food Blobs

Blobs of food, such as those from chili, meat loaf, pot roast, and certain stews do not look appetizing to a toddler. It’s called “gruel” in high school and prison cafeterias for a reason! Your tiny human isn’t going to recognize these blobs as food, so avoid serving anything from the crockpot until the child is old enough to understand what the meal is.

Use A Lunch Tray

A colorful lunch tray that clearly divides food into convenient portions sidesteps the above food blob problem. It makes what is what very obvious, something important to most little ‘uns.

Serve Very, Very Small Portions

Serving extremely small portions is a fantastic way to get your toddler to eat, as such portions are small enough for them to pick up and place in their mouths without help. Think one bite of watermelon cut up, one cheese cube divided into tiny pieces, etc. Toddlers feel in control of their food when you do this!

Always Include A Favorite

Including a favorite food with every meal is yet another excellent way to ensure your toddler eats something. Putting out a plate full of food the child isn’t interested in will just make him or her sad and fussy. Add at least one “gateway” food, such as some string cheese or favorite crackers, to prevent dinner-related depression.

Be Sparing With The White Stuff

White foods such as pasta and bread are kiddie go-tos…and also very bad for them. Pasta, for one, is considered a “dead” food by health experts, as it’s processed and features very little nutritional value. Kids are likely to consume all the white food on their plates and leave the Brussel sprouts behind, so don’t serve too much white stuff. Younglings will complain they’re “full” and can’t eat their veggies….not good!

Get Colorful
A plate featuring foods of different colors is inviting to a child, as it emphasizes choice and may even look like candy. A colorful plate once again allows the little ‘un to enjoy control over what’s being consumed.