Free App Friday – October 21, 2016 – Fall in Love with Learning

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps to quench your child’s desire for screen time, while they learn at the same time. Today’s apps will help your child to better understand the world around them by learning about the weather, practicing math skills that will be used in every day life, as well give an introduction to music.

MarcoPolo Weather

Introduce weather to your little one with MarcoPolo Weather app. They will get to control 9 different weather conditions from sunny to rainy to tornados. They will get to experience how weather affects the outside, how to dress for different weather, plus learn how things grow. Mini-games and special characters make this app, which teaches STEM concepts, a lot of fun for everyone.

Find Little Dot 1-10

Find Little Dot 1-10 is a great way to introduce the numbers 1-10 to your toddler. They will have fun playing hide-and-seek with Dot and listening to Dot count from 1-10. This app will count to 10 in 6 different languages. Hidden surprises will keep them exploring and encourage their curiosity to learn and explore.

Fizzy’s Lunch Lab Fresh Pick

Does your child have what it takes to join the Lunch Lab team? They will be tested as they grocery shop, seek the correct change in the check-out line and serve lunch to some hungry kids. Designed for kids 6-8, they will practice their deductive reasoning, mapping, sorting, and classifying skills.


Geoboard is a great app for kids to learn shapes and how different shapes can fit together. They will use rubber bands and pegs to make different shapes and practice concepts such as symmetry and congruency. There are 3 different boards they can work on and will be able to explore angles, fractions, and time management.


Xylophone from Interactive Alphabet is a fun app for toddlers to explore music. They will learn to play the melody lines for some of their favorite songs such as Old McDonald, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Row Row Row Your Boat, and more. This app is a great introduction to music.