Free App Friday – October 14, 2016 – Develop Life-Long Learners

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps to quench your child’s desire for screen time, while they learn at the same time. Alligator in the Elevator has a number of different apps that will allow your child to get a strong foundation in learning skills that will set them up for success. Baby Panda’s Supermarket will take them on a discovery trip to the grocery store. Sago Mini Friends Dress Up will get them ready for Halloween as they create different costumes for the characters.

Alligator in the Elevator 123

Alligator in the Elevator is an app designed to teach kids in a number of different ways so they can learn the subject matter no matter their learning style. From tracing numbers to using pictures to count, this app will help your child learn those foundational number concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Alligator in the Elevator Jigsaw Puzzles

Join your friends in Alligator in the Elevator Jigsaw Puzzles as they solve puzzles. Puzzles are fun to figure out and at the same time teach a number of different skills like: spatial reasoning, visual perception, manual skills, along with patience and perseverance. They will be excited to finish the picture and start another!

Alligator in the Elevator Matching Game

Alligator in the Elevator Matching Game brings the benefits of memory games to your child. Playing memory is a great way to improve memory skills as well as number recognition as they match numbers. Play along with them to create great memories helping them learn.

Baby Panda’s Supermarket

Take a trip to the supermarket with baby panda. Your child will get the chance to find everything on their shopping list plus find hidden toys throughout the store. They will get to help mom and dad find everything on their list while learning new words and concepts. This app has great animations to keep your child delighted and engaged.

Sago Mini Friends Dress Up

With Halloween right around the conner, this app is sure to be a delight. Your child will have dozens of costumes and accessories to choose from as they dress up the characters. Pretend play will keep them busy for hours as they try different combinations and take group photos of their characters.