Free App Friday – March 18, 2016: Keeping Education Fun

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will make learning fun. If you are struggling to get your child interested in practicing math concepts, check out the apps we have found that teach math while your child is having fun. There is also a great app that allows them to create their own cities, plus a great app that explains fractions.

Blox 3D City Creator

This app lets creativity fly where the sky is the limit. From a small village to a big city, your child can build any city they want. Add cars, trucks, buildings, people, and more to create your city. This app also allows you to control weather and time of day elements. Watch your people interact in your town as they go into different buildings, you may even see a police chase!

Fraction Basics

If you have a child that is struggling with fractions, this is a great app for you. This would even be a great app to get for when your child is older and will learn fractions. This app has 12 videos that will explain fractions and how to complete different operations. From improper and mixed fractions to converting decimals into fractions, this will be a great reference if your child has trouble understanding fractions.

Math Jungle Grade 1

Your child will have fun practicing their math skills while they play through the jungle. They will collect bananas as they get correct answers and during regular gameplay. The high score feature will encourage them to improve their score with correct answers. This math app is common core aligned and also provides hints on how to solve problems using different techniques.

Rocket Speller

Rocket Speller by Little Big Thinkers is a fun, easy to use spelling app for children ages 3-7. Children will have lots of fun learning and spelling new words and helping Zip the alien select the parts to build his rocket ship to launch into space at the end of each level. With 4 different levels increasing in difficulty and over 130 words to spell, children using this app will not only get practice in spelling, reading, and vocabulary, but will have tons of fun too.  Read the full review here.


Geoboard, by the Math Learning Center is an outstanding app that will help students from middle elementary school through high school develop and improve their understandings of geometry, fraction concepts, and much more. Read the full review here.