Free App Friday – March 11, 2016: Let’s Get Creative

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will inspire creativity and build strong foundations for learning. Scribble Press Deluxe and Animals Flip and Mix will allow your child to flex their creative muscles. Brainy Bugs’ Preschool Games and Multiplication Tables of iPad will help your child as they learn math concepts that will help them build a strong foundation for learning.

Scribble Press Deluxe

This award-winning app is an excellent way to encourage creativity in your child.  Scribble Press Deluxe is a book making app that allows kids to create their story. It includes many features, such as stickers, backgrounds, drawing tools, music, audio recording, plus more. They can create stories from starter story templates or create something uniquely their own with a blank book. New features to this app include recording your own voice, and adding your photo.

Brainy Bugs’ Preschool Games

Bug Games HD provides basic counting, phonics, and logic skills through four engaging activities and games.  You can read our full review here.

Live Puzzle! Forest Animals

Have fun with this classic jigsaw puzzle app. With animations that move while your play, Live Puzzle! Forest Animals brings a whole new element of fun to puzzles. Diffculty levels range from toddler to adult, bringing fun for the whole family.

Animals Flip and Mix

Animal Flip and Mix may cause a few giggles as kids have fun creating silly words and characters. This amusing game does offer some educational benefits. You can read our full review here.

Multiplication Table for iPad

Use this app to help your child as they memorize their multiplication facts. There are two modes, exercise mode and test mode. As your child works through this app they will begin to gain speed and accuracy with the multiplication facts, giving them a solid foundation for more complicated math in the future.