Free App Friday – July 8, 2016: Take a Break From the Sun

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will keep your child busy and learning during these hot summer months. Keep their brains active as they learn while they play. PBS Kids Photo Factory will be fun for your kids to decorate photos with their favorite PBS Kids Characters. Monkey Match will help those little ones who are reading to learn pre-reading skills. VTech: What’s that Noise is a great interactive story app to help reading come alive. Puzzimals is a great activity for your little one who needs something to figure out. Star Chart is a great app for the whole family to learn all about space.

 PBS Kids Photo Factory

Do your kids love watching PBS Kids? Mine do! This fun little app allows your child to decorate their photos with their favorite characters from their favorite PBS Kids show. Wordgirl, Odd Squad, Wild Kratts and Curious George are just some of the characters they will find. Photos can also be shared on social media. There is also a web version of this app.

Monkey Match

Do you have a little one who is getting ready to read? Monkey Match is a great app to help with those pre-reading skills. They will match upper and lowercase letters, beginning sounds with their starting sound, and words that rhyme. All words are spoken so there is no need to worry about them not knowing their letters and sounds already. Get ready for pre-k or kindergarten this fall with this app.

VTech: What’s that Noise

Follow Rufus along in this interactive storybook as he transitions from being a country dog to a city dog and learns all about the different noises in the city. Kids can follow along while the story is read or stop the story to read on their own. Your child can touch on highlighted words to learn definitions. There are 8 reading games for your child to play that will ask questions about the story. VTech: What’s that Noise is a great app for beginning readers to practice their reading comprehension skills as well.


Puzzimals is a great app for your 3 and 4-year-old to play. They will put the animal puzzles together. There are 4 stages to play in with beginner puzzles having 2 pieces and the last stage puzzles having 8 pieces. As your child progresses, they will be able to do harder puzzles. The animals come to life and do a little dance when they are complete.

Star Chart

Star Chart is a great app to use during these summer months to study the stars. This app allows you to point your device at the sky and see all the stars in our sky in your hand to explore. Star Chart has many cool features. It can tell where a certain star is, tell you where the planets in our solar system are, it can even tell you where all the stars are in broad daylight. Star Chart will allow your child to become space experts with all the information they can learn.