Free App Friday – July 15, 2016: Keep Kids Busy This Summer

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will quench your child’s desire to play games all day by creating their own, build memory, and help with speech. Do you have a Docter in the house? With Toca Doctor, your child will work to heal their patients by solving puzzles. The Foos Coding and Hopscotch are great apps to learn programming with for those kids who can’t get enough. Monster Hunt brings some excitment to the memory game. Phonics Studio is a great app for learning speech.  Let’s take a closer look!

Toca Doctor

Does your kid dream of being a Doctor? Even if they don’t, Toca Doctor is sure to be a hit in your house. With 21 different games and puzzles that take place around the human body, there is something for everyone. Little children will enjoy the drag and drop features as the older kids will enjoy treating the patient. Another great Toca app your children are sure to enjoy.

The Foos Coding 5+

The Foos Coding is a great introduction to programming logic. This easy to use app has over 40 puzzles in which the user will determine the actions that are needed to complete the next step in the puzzle. This allows anyone to play this game without any prior coding experience. Your child will learn to determine what actions Foo needs to make, order them in a logical sequence, test their solutions and more.  A great way for children who love games to understand how they are made.


If your child had fun learning programming in The Foos, here is another coding app to check out. Hopscotch offers short, fun videos that allow your child to create some of their favorite games like Angry Birds or Geometry Dash. This app also provides over 40 challenges to sharpen your skills. You can publish your games for everyone to enjoy. This app has a great community who can help you if you run into problems or have questions.

Monster Hunt

Let your child sharpen their memory skills with Monster Hunt. Monster Hunt brings the classic memory game to life with their great monster graphics that will keep your child focused as they sharpen their memory skills. Playing Monster Hunt will help sharpen their mind, increase short-term retention, increase mental alertness, plus you can challenge family members.

Phonics Studio

Phonics Studio is a great app if you have little ones that are struggling with speech. Phonics Studio has over 2,500 flashcards for you child to learn from. They have over 200 sound groups, and you can even create your own sounds, categories, and flashcards. The beautiful card design will help keep your child engaged as they practice making the sounds.