Free App Friday – January 8, 2015: All About Letters

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week week we’ve found some great free apps that will make reading fun. Whether your child is just learning letters or can read by themselves, there are options for everyone. From sight words to books, make learning to read fun with these books and games that will make them forget they are learning.

PopPet Pop with Bato

Your child will have lots of fun playing with finger puppets. With 12 different puppets to chose from, they will learn animals and sounds in this delightful app that teaches memory and concentration.

Endless Reader

Endless Reader will introduce sight words to your child that show up in their books, at school, or at the library. These are words that usual break phonic rules and can be harder to learn. Each word comes alive with an interactive puzzle that will help explain how the word is used.

Preschool Memory Match

With 130 different matching items, your child will be kept busy as they work through 7 different categories that teach memory, concentration, and motor skills. The lessons get harder as your child improves, allowing your child to keep learning.

Kids A-Z

Kids A-Z is a reading app with hundreds of books and 27 levels of difficulty. Your child will have plenty of options to chose from as the read through these books, along with quizzes, your child will increase their confidence in their reading abilities. With a wide range of topics to chose from, there will be something every one will enjoy.