Free App Friday – January 29, 2016: Take Control

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week  we’ve found some great free apps that will put you in control of your child’s device, along with some fun educational apps that will help strengthen core subjects. OurPact will allow you to keep track of what your child is allowed to do and help teach responsibility. Spelling Bug and Phonics Awareness will help lay a foundation in reading. Math Bug will teach your child basic adding and subtracting and Ocean Jigsaw Puzzle will allow your child to do puzzles without the mess or lost pieces.

OurPact- Parental Control and Screen Management App

OurPact is a screen management app that will connect all your Apple products so that you can be in charge. You can block 3rd party apps such as Facebook and Twitter. You can set reminders for dinnertime and bedtime, allowing your child to learn some responsibility.  You will have the ability to block access to apps and the internet easily. You can also unblock and give access at your discretion. OurPact gives you the control to help your children learn how to use their devices responsibly.

Ocean Jigsaw Puzzle 123

Do your kids love puzzles but you hate keeping track of the pieces? With this app, everyone wins! This app offers 50 different puzzles with 5 difficulty levels to choose from. Your child will be delighted as they finish their puzzle and watch the ocean scene come to life. The names of the fishes will be flashed on the screen as well as read to them so learn while they play. From 2 piece puzzles to 16 there is fun for even the youngest learners.

Spelling Bug

Learning to spell has never been more fun. Your child will enjoy learning to spell in this app. They are given a picture and letters to move around to get in the right order. They get immediate feedback, helping them learn what they did wrong. There are 6 chapters containing many words so your child won’t become bored. It also teaches the 50 sight words kindergartener’s should know.

Math Bug

Learning addition and subtraction has never been so much fun! Using engaging scenes,  your child will learn counting, addition, and subtraction. This app adapts to their learning and will become more difficult as the master what they are doing. By adapting to what they are learning, they will not get bored as they will be continually challenged.

Phonics Awareness

Is your child struggling to learn to read? Do phonics rules confuse them and allow them to get easily frustrated? Phonics Awareness wants to help solve that problem for you. With exercises in long and short vowel sounds as well as consonant blends, your child with get the help they need to make sense of the different rules. It will also be a help to visual learners as they watch the letters being put together.