Free App Friday – January 22, 2016: Something For Everyone

Welcome to another Free App Friday! This week we’ve found some great free apps that will improve math skills, help your child develop some responsibility, and just have fun. With Snap Smile Share, your kids will take control of the responsibilities that come with braces and retainers. Jumpea will take them on a fun adventure in the woods, and Number Rack and Geoboard will enhance math skills. Got an older child struggling in Biology? There is help for them too with Hudson Alpha iCell.

Snap Smile Share

Do you have a child with braces and need to constantly remind them to change their elastics? Or a child who can’t seem to remember their retainers? With this app, they will be reminded for you! Along with reminders on what they need to wear, the braces simulator will allow your child to test out different colors for their next appointment.


Try to reach the horizon in this new adventure game. Your child will spring and fling their way through levels collecting points and dodging enemies. They can even compete against friends and family.  Use your points to unlock new characters such as a sunflower or peony seed. With some enemies that can be hard to defeat, your child will be kept busy as they make their way through the woods.

Number Rack

Number Rack follows your child’s natural ability to understand numbers. Movable beads allow them to make groups of five and ten to practice adding and subtracting sequences. They also have the ability to use drawing tools to show their work or explain what they are doing.



Hudson Alpha iCell

If you’ve got someone who loves science, then this is the app for you. Hudson Alpha iCell give you 3D look at cells that are in plants, animals, and bacteria. Tap on the cells to get more information as well as on the organelles to get a description of what they do. This app is also a great help for any students you have they are going through biology as it gives information about how the cells work and what they look like.